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Woods looking to set tone in origin ii. 21-23. Wrens looking to bring birds closer to nest

Habitat & Habitat structure: Not known in North America.

Habitat importance: Nearshore and offshore.

Outbreak dates: late spring to early summer.

Biodiversity andjarvees.com distribution: Birds in Maine, Ohio, and Wisconsin are at high risk for severe population declines because of habitat loss or fragmentation. The species is not found in northern California, and the species in Connecticut does not occur where it should.

Habitat Threat: Habit loss and fragmentation have reduced nesting grounds for birds.

Remarks: Since most of the birds are in the wild, this bird is not well protected from commercial and recreational hunting.


Scientific name: Dasypus obliquus

Common name: Red-tailed Cicada

Common name: Golden-winged Cicada

Geographical distribution: North America; Europe and Asia

Habitat & Habitat structurejarvees.com: In Maine and parts of New England (Bermuda and western Hudson Valley), Cicadas occur primarily offshore.

Habitat importance: Mostly in winter and summers.

Outbreak dates: Mid-winter to early spring.

Biodiversity and distribution: The most common species is the red-tailed Cicada, which nests along the shoreline. They range in size from just five feet long to 1.2 feet. All the species are found in the United States and Canada, except the golden-winged Cicada which occurs only in Europe. A relatively small number of the species are native to the tropics.

Habitat Threat: Because of their large, powerful jaws and strong talons, Cicadas are vulnerable to fishing or harvesting. They are particularly vulnerable to fishing in saltwater.

Remarks: In Connecticut, the species is not endangered.


Scientific name: Hypsisaurus leucasaur

Common name: Blue-winged Leucasaur

Common name: Red-shirted Leucasaur

Geographical distribution: New England south and North America west to coast: Hudson Valley, eastern Maine, Ohio, central Minnesota and Wisconsin, and northern Minnesota, Canada.

Habitat & Habitat structure: Found in Maine and parts of the Great La바카라kes, northern Minnesota and Canada.

Habitat importance: Found in th